Monday, May 4, 2009

Land For Rent nearby; MINLON Serdang

2 days ago, i was found the very suitable land for Petrol Station purpose which is located in Serdang. Actually before this, Kak Hani (A. Zack's girl) had texting me n she told me dat she knows the suitable land for Petrol Station Porpose. She asked me to find it, Finally i found it! But, unfortunutely, the land is FOR RENT only! so sad! :(( I was planning, if the letter of proposal that i sent to PETRONAS is REJECTED, i would like to approach for this land.

I called the dealer of that land, and she said, if i want to rent, the regulations are:

1) At least 1acre
2) The period of contract for 3years only
3) RM 5000/Per month(not including electricity and water)
4) Lastly, she suggest me to open for the showroom or car used landed.

owch! what kind of business of dis? tak retilah!

so guys out there, if anyone interested to rent this land, pls try to contact:

H: 012-2161780(ms. yong)

H: 012-2765759 (en. yan)

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