Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hannah Petrol - 1st step

Hi guys! This is my 4th blog i guess that I'm created. This blog will telling everyone about the journey for opening my own petrol station. For starting and also first step, i already submitted 2 proposal a.k.a propose letter to PETRONAS. I don't know whether they approve or reject my proposal. Because, i heard, got lotsa millionaire or biggy company sent the proposal has been rejected. They rejected because of the simply reason which is: THE LAND ARE NOT SUITABLE! So thah.. i think, i want to find someone that can help me for this until i got succeed my own petrol station operation. How huh? If they reject my proposal, i will trying to looking for SHELL or maybe ESSO? InsyaAllah. I really want it! an i will make my dreams come true!

Psstt: When people read this entry, maybe they think, who gonna pay for the capital? or maybe she is richhhy? The simply answer is: Allah can give miracle to anyone. We have the right to choose our best way. ;) Got it?

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