Sunday, May 31, 2009

Low Rise Project

Location: Titiwangsa.
Stage: Designing Part.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


OMG. Finally, i changed my mind to cooperate with SHELL Company. Wait n see.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Petroleum Trading & Distributer in Marine Logistic provider

The demand for ocean transportation in Malaysia's international trade is very high and this is largely because of the size of the country's external trade sector and its high dependence on foreign trade. It is estimated that about 95 per cent of the country's trade is seaborne, carried by ships, and the remaining volume by air, rail and road. This invariably makes shipping and the maritime sector a very important component of the national economy.It was estimated that 16% out of 30,000 ships calls at major ports in Malaysia calling in Johor in a year i.e. third highest after Port Klang and Sabah ports.

While for industry sector, Johor state is also one of the important locations for local and foreign companies to invest. The government of Malaysia with it Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has opened opportunity for industrial activities and are progressing for the past four (4) decades.

Johor was never left behind.Iskandar Malaysia is set to become Southern Peninsular Malaysia's most develop region with the aims to spur economic development that actuate Malaysia's global potential.

The opportunity is great for whom interested to support both marine and industrial activities in the field of as a distributor / trader for fuels and oil; and also a logistic provider for both vessels procurement and industrial procurement material & services.

Contact me ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Petroleum For Marine

wow. its a new thing! i will share about this later. I'm gonna do something now. BRB.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love or Work?

Currently, I really not interested with LOVE anymore, Seriously! My life's pattern full with something in makin' money.Everyday, i met and manage the new thing. I like to get busy with my life, it can help me to forget all the past things goes in my life. That's it.

With LOVE, it can make me wake up, cheer, fresh and happy, but sometimes it can be like we in d HELL! Worst!

WORK-Sometimes, it can make really boring, upset, fade up,etc. But, from it, we can get more experience, $$$$$$ , relationship, business network ♥ and benefits on it.

notaHati: So which one is more precious? Think about it! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Land For Rent nearby; MINLON Serdang

2 days ago, i was found the very suitable land for Petrol Station purpose which is located in Serdang. Actually before this, Kak Hani (A. Zack's girl) had texting me n she told me dat she knows the suitable land for Petrol Station Porpose. She asked me to find it, Finally i found it! But, unfortunutely, the land is FOR RENT only! so sad! :(( I was planning, if the letter of proposal that i sent to PETRONAS is REJECTED, i would like to approach for this land.

I called the dealer of that land, and she said, if i want to rent, the regulations are:

1) At least 1acre
2) The period of contract for 3years only
3) RM 5000/Per month(not including electricity and water)
4) Lastly, she suggest me to open for the showroom or car used landed.

owch! what kind of business of dis? tak retilah!

so guys out there, if anyone interested to rent this land, pls try to contact:

H: 012-2161780(ms. yong)

H: 012-2765759 (en. yan)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hannah Petrol - 1st step

Hi guys! This is my 4th blog i guess that I'm created. This blog will telling everyone about the journey for opening my own petrol station. For starting and also first step, i already submitted 2 proposal a.k.a propose letter to PETRONAS. I don't know whether they approve or reject my proposal. Because, i heard, got lotsa millionaire or biggy company sent the proposal has been rejected. They rejected because of the simply reason which is: THE LAND ARE NOT SUITABLE! So thah.. i think, i want to find someone that can help me for this until i got succeed my own petrol station operation. How huh? If they reject my proposal, i will trying to looking for SHELL or maybe ESSO? InsyaAllah. I really want it! an i will make my dreams come true!

Psstt: When people read this entry, maybe they think, who gonna pay for the capital? or maybe she is richhhy? The simply answer is: Allah can give miracle to anyone. We have the right to choose our best way. ;) Got it?